Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Collection Showcase: Something new I'm trying...

I've decided to try something a bit different with my collection; each day I will post a short YouTube video highlighting 5 new cards or items each day from my collection and will talk about each one of them.  It gives me more time and freedom to speak and explain nuances of the cards, how I acquired them, etc.

I actually really enjoy making these short videos.  I've found that I forget how I've felt about some of the things I've acquired, so pulling them out and talking about them has been a great way for me to reminisce.

Also, the feedback I've been getting on my videos has been good, although I would like to reach a broader audience, so I've been trying to plug it on the forums to get some more viewers and subscribers to those who really care.

So, if you are interested to see and learn more, the playlist link is below:


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's been a while

For 2015 I want to be posting more regularly.  Wanted to give a broad overview of my pickups over the past few months.

July was nice, landing a couple of nice vintage cards, 1 an upgrade and the other a variation of what I currently had.  A 1935 Goudey 4-in-1 #9F courtesy of Kevin Savage auctions.  Probably overpaid for it considerably, as it graded only a SGC 20, but I like the card for what it is.

Also found my upgrade to the 1939 Exhibit Salutation "Very Truly Yours" from a deal on the Blowout forums, then sold my older version for $5 less than the price that I bought my upgrade.  Not a bad deal if you ask me!  This graded as an SGC 40, a bit less than I thought it would, but still very pleased with it.

August was fruitful.  Went to a show and sold a few cards for $195, and gambled to win $81 in the same day at the casino upstairs to help fund my biggest purchase to date.  A 1937 O-Pee-Chee beaut graded an SGC 50.  The card is more beautiful in person and is now a huge puzzle piece sealed in my quest for the master vintage set.

After this quite massive purchase I sequestered myself from buying to help recoup my cash pool.  September was slow, with no purchases, but I did submit 3 cards to SGC for grading.

October proved less-profitable, but did get the grades back from SGC, including the blue Batter Up that got an SGC 10 which was expected.  This was also the month that 2014 Panini Classics came out.  I ended up landing the base card, a parallel /149, a Home Run Heroes insert and a couple of triple bat cards featuring famous Tigers and Pirates.

November came to be great, where my long discussions with a dealer and web designer proved fruitful of my first printing plate, and fourth 1/1 for $50.

December had been uneventful, until tonight, where I just agreed to buy the brand new 2014 National Treasures bat /99 from a guy on the Blowout Forums that should be my last pickup of this 2014.

Happy New Year all, and thanks for the read.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bats on bats on bats

Over the last month I've focused on tackling some of the bat cards that I avoided in the past.  I like getting the bat cards, although I try not to think about where the bat sliver actually came from.  Glad that I've completed the run of the non-expensive 2012 Panini National Treasures bat cards, so hoping I can acquire some of the higher-end cards paired with other legends of the game.

I was also fortunate to acquire a tough card that rarely comes up with the 2005 SP Legendary Cuts bat /15 for a very decent price.

All below are the cards that I have acquired over the past month.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Been a busy week!

This has been a busy week thus far for my collection. In order of acquired:

Got this card as my first COMC purchase. Got it simply b/c it's numbered to 5, tied for my second lowest numbered card.

Today, came this:

This is an upgrade to my current Exhibit, and bought for the same price. This one is much nicer, so I'll be listing the replaced on eBay sometime soon.


Got this card from a fellow FCB'er in a trade

Thanks dudes

Friday, July 18, 2014

New pickup: Batter Up v3 + a discovery

Nailed another color variation in the 1934 Batter Up rainbow for a cool $50:

Also was part of a cool discovery that took place on the Net54 forums.  It was thought that cards #1-81 had 6 color variations of each card. It was discovered that cards #40-81 of the set have 4 color variations: magenta, blue, black and brown upon extensive research from ended eBay auction, other collectors' cards, etc.  So that was pretty cool, I've never been part of a discovery before. Which means I only need a browntone card to finish this set, which I've been at for almost a year already.

Well, until next time cronies.