Monday, August 19, 2013

A once-in-a-lifetime Card: Now Mine

It's not often that a collector has a truly pleasant experience with a seller, but I can now say that I have.
In the post I wrote recently about 2012 Panini National Treasure I spoke briefly about an almost unobtainable card that I saw in the checklist. The card is a booklet of a cut signature paired with a jumbo piece of lumber. A card, no doubt, that could be the centerpiece of any collection.

After that post was published there were two more of those cards, numbered to only 5 that appeared on eBay. Aside from those two, there was one that surfaced that was a slight variation in that there was no nickname stencil in the other half of the booklet.

I then watched carefully as the high BIN prices were set, and never met. The National was approaching, and I knew my plans to go, do I figured I'd try to find one there. With no such luck of course.

A day after coming home from Chicago I had the itch for more. I looked up the completed, unsold card listing from one in Florida (the other being in Taiwan and I was not about to pay $30 to ship a card) and contacted the seller about the card since I hadn't seen it relisted.

Luckily he still had the card, and we came to an agreement (easily I will add). He gave me time to get paid from work to fund the card.

I paid for the card today, 8/19, it's in the mail and I am happy as a clam. And should get the card by end of week :)

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