Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Rookie Card

As a young up-and-coming kid from Brooklyn, Greenberg garnered a lot of attention from the New York Yankees, looking for a first basemen to replace Lou Gehrig. Greenberg remembers an account of Gehrig, describing him as a "man amongst boys". A 20 year old being the successor to Lou Gehrig? Hank didn't have that in mind for himself. 

Instead, he signed a contract with the Detroit Tigers, a team with a solid core of veterans that were one year away from winning a World Series championship. 

Now to the card. I bought this card in the Fall of my first semester of college in 2008, a time where I had a lot of disposable income and chose to buy a lot of vintage instead of boozing.  It cost me about $45 on eBay, and I haven't found a card go for that low since.  Although it is pretty beat up, it still retains that nice vintage look and smell, if you're into that kind of kinky shit.

I am looking to upgrade it to maybe a SGC 40 (VG condition) but I would not part with this card simply because of the importance of it to my collection.

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