Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Year in Review

2012 was a good year for me, but a slow one comparably to a year like 2008-9 or 2011. Many of the cards I bought this year were what we call premiums.  These types of cards were given away if kids were to collect a certain amount of cards or candy wrapper, or of the like.

From my memory, the first card I purchased in 2012 was this premium from 1936 (Greenberg is pictures in the first row last on the right):

The next premium I got was a rather inexpensive 1950 Indians team issue. This large card pictures Greenberg as the GM of the Cleveland Indians.

The next premium is a favorite of mine, from 1939 Goudey, Black & White variation.  My favorite part of this card is actually the back, which I do not have a scan of.  It features a very dumbed-down explanation of how to hit; everything from the stance to hand positioning, etc.

The next card is a first of me.  A signed vintage card of Hank.  1939-46 Exhibits Salutations.

This card is a rather large, rather damaged, but nice premium from 1936 R311.

This next premium measures 7''x10'' and features a nice photo of Greenberg leaping in the air. It cost me a little bit more than I'd like, it has punch holes in the top, but is a rather awesome card to own from 1948-9 Sports Exchange All Stars set

The next card began a slew of Wheaties premiums that were originally cut out from the backs of Wheaties cereal boxes.

Another Wheaties panel.

This next premium was my only purchase at the National. 1936 R311 Leather Detroit Tigers team photo.  Greenberg is second row up last on the right.

This premium is a gorgeous Wheaties premium. Got it for a good price, very happy with it.

And the final card of 2012 was the most recently acquired 1939 Play Ball Sample back

Thanks all! Hope 2013 is a good year for everyone.


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