Monday, March 24, 2014

A great moment in the history of my collection

In August after the National and a fantasy football draft with my buddies, my old friend Jordan approached me and told me that he enjoyed reading my blog.  He then explained to me that he writes freelance for a well-known online and print publication in the Jewish community, and told me he would pitch a story tot he editor to see if there would be interest.

Some time later, I get a text from Jordan confirming that there is interest from the editor and they'd like to do the story.  He then told me that they would want to use the setting of a card show as basis for the story.

I was immediately excited, and began thinking of interesting angles that I thought the story could be written in.


The show was confirmed, the Westchester County show in January, a reliable and often fortuitous show. I meet Jordan at Grand Central to make our way on Metro North to Westchester. On the way he asks me questions about my collection, my motivation to start it, etc. It was nice to hear someone else express their interest in my collection that wasn't on a forum. He had a real interest in it, and I was proud to talk to him about it.

We get to the show and I immediately go to the SGC table to submit my cards for crossing. After finishing there, we perused the show for Greenbergs. Well, I'm not going to spoil the story, I'll let Jordan's writing tell the story.

Find the link to the story here.

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