Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Typecasted: BF3

I'm going to start a new little series for the blog to keep it fresh.  I'm going to pick a card to profile, and talk a little bit about the history of the card and how and when (if I can remember) I got it.

I'll start this edition with a new set I've been particularly fascinated in, trying to acquire and learn about as many examples of this set as I can.

The set is the BF3 mini pennant.  I bought this below at the 2013 National in Chicago.
This is an excerpt from the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards:

"The checklists for these series of felt pennants issued circa 1936-1938 are not complete, and new examples are still being reported. The pennants do not carry any manufacturer's name although packages found with various pieces attribute the issues to Red Ball sales, a gum company in Chicago, and Grandpa Brands Co., Cincinatti another gum company. One pennant was given away with purchase of a stick of gum, and at least one wrapper indicates large format (28''x12'') versions of the Red Ball pennants could be had in a redemption program. The pennants vary in size slightly but generally measure approx. 2-1/2''x4-1/2''and were issued in various styles and colors. Most of the printing is white, although some pennants have been found with other colors of printing, and the same pennant is often found in more than one color combination. The pennants feature both individual players and teams, including some minor league clubs. The pennants were grouped together in the American Card Catalog under the designation of BF3. Advanced collectors have categorized the pennants into a number of basic design types, depending on what elements are included on the pennant. The unnumbered felts are listed alphabetically within type. Gaps have been left in the assigned numbers to accommodate future discoveries." (2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, Bob Lemke)

I recently acquired the below pennant to accompany the above:

Should be here tomorrow :)  I've learned from the catalog that there are 12 cataloged types. The yellow/white pictured is a Type 1, and I believe the blue/yellow is from Type 3 (without having the reference next to me).

I'll continue to pick these up as I can find them, as long as they are unique in terms of their color combinations and type.

If any of you have questions about this unique set, ask away and I can do my best to answer.

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